William Murphy via Flickr

William Murphy via Flickr

Muse /A Journal (myoo-zay) is a literary journal that developed from the creative efforts of Gregg Murray to share poetic writing of all themes with a wide network of enthusiasts.  Founded in 2015, Muse /A publishes work by emerging artists and has since launched its first online publication in April of 2016. We publish lyrical, playful, moving, linguistically-inventive, unique, experimental, moving, honest, diction-sensitive, collaborative, economical, attentive, vested, clever, touching, REAL work.

The inaugural issue of Muse /A was launched at AWP 2016!

We occasionally take chances on established artists.


Editor-in-Chief: Gregg Murray (editor@museajournal.com)


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Lyric Essays Editor: Anya Vostrova Chambers


Production Editor: Taylor D’Amico


We encourage all who desire an honest look into the creative activity of the poetic imagination to join our mission. To continue our efforts, we are seeking donations to assist us in the continual development of this project. The costs of publication, website maintenance, and promotion are challenges for sharing Muse /A Journal with the world.

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