/k a priest

my pedophile celebrates his limbs

if he is satisfied it is portrait by number / half-moon of pink spooning ocular greens / papyri corridors // ganglionic walls // a hemic marketplace creasing the stairway // the button of his choosing fitted with infinitesimal mouths poised to call back curtains of chrysalis and wing / butterfly houses for sale on the road to embargo / his elbow in the mouth of a wasp nest // all honey, no sting // insert one pin into the hair on a brown beetle’s back and it will tell you he is fortunate to have all his pinchers free in their sockets // half-moon of bone spooning ocular tweeze as he sets all the silver pinheads in a cushion only to pull them one little limb at a time


Kimberly is the author of White Goat Black Sheep (FLP) and her poetry has appeared in several literary journals including The 3288 Review, riverSedge, Borderlands: The Texas Poetry Review, The West Texas Literary Review, Welter, Ruminate Magazine and The Berkeley Poetry Review. She is an MFA graduate of New England College, Assistant Professor at MSU, reviewer for NewPages, and editor for the Nimrod International Journal.