chukwuma ndulue /COLONIAL COLLAPSE

Image by Richard Selesnick and Nicholas Kahn.

Colonial Collapse

Brethren, kindred monkeys,
drop down to gravel
pocked knees and pray
that the moon will soon
dive into the Atlantic. Pray

the ripple will absorb
your student debt—this
may be extreme, what
I mean is I don’t do numbers.
I don’t count dates or beans.

There is little I need recently:
clean pants, a plastic wrist
watch, black powder—it’s
nothing magic. This is nothing
less than a rant. Your pudendum is

nothing more than an unreliable
limb. The drive to create is an errant
endeavor. What the world needs
now are more clover bees
and stings, delicious stings.

Chukwuma “Chuks” Ndulue is a writer, teacher, and occasional small engine mechanic.